Last Month of Operations - FAQs

Why is Fatso (and the team), focusing on Neon?

Although we love the range of titles DVD and Blu-ray offer, the time has come to move as much of our library into the digital world, and Neon is the business to do that.

When is your last day of operation?

The very last disc will be sent from our Warehouse on Thursday, November 23rd.

Am I automatically a Neon subscriber once Fatso closes?

No, you will need to join Neon to become a subscriber - we have an offer for you for 50% off Neon for 3 months - sign up using this promo code: FATSO2NEON

Do I get an offer to join Neon?

Yes, 50% off Neon for your first 3 months - use the code FATSO2NEON when subscribing, click here to sign-up now.

What happens if I owe Fatso money?

You will still need to pay it. Fatso is no longer sending DVDs, but the company is still active. If you don't pay your owing subscription, then normal debt collecting process will take place.

When is the last day you'll send DVDs?

Last subscription date, and last disc dispatch from our warehouse, will be November 23rd, 2017.

What are you going to do with all your DVDs?

Good question! We're going to give them away to hospitals, libraries, schools and retirement villages. If you know of a place that wants good movies and TV shows, email to register your interest.

What happens to the DVDs I have at home?

After 23rd of November - you can keep them! If you don't want them, return them in our envelopes, or send them to: Fatso C/- SKY TV PO Box 9059, Newmarket, Auckland

What will happen to my subscription charge?

The last subscription date is November 23rd. However, as the last day gets closer, you will get a bigger and bigger discount, depending on when your final subscription date falls. See the discount schedule here.

Can I return DVDs after you close?

Yes, our normal return envelopes will still work for a long time after we close. If you're out of envelopes, simply post them to: Fatso C/- SKY TV PO Box 9059, Newmarket, Auckland

Can I contact you after you close?

Yes, we'll be contactable via our email address only:

Can I keep the DVDs I have?

Yes, any DVDs you have after November 23rd, you can keep for good. If you would rather return them, post them back with our return envelopes, or post them yourself to: Fatso C/- SKY TV PO Box 9059, Newmarket, Auckland

Should I upgrade in the last month, so I get to keep more to keep?

That's a great idea! If you upgrade in your last month, you get to keep more games, DVDs, Blu-rays and TV shows when Fatso closes it operations down.

Are you selling your discs?

No. But you can keep the discs you have at home from 23rd November onward. You can also upgrade your final month to allow more discs to be sent to you to keep.

When is the last date I can rent a disc?

November 23rd is the last day we are dispatching discs from our warehouse.

When do I need to return my discs by?

Return your discs whenever you're finished with them using our normal return envelopes. If you want to keep them, you can, as long as your subscription is up to date.

Do I get a refund for my subscription?

No, however, we substantially discount the final days of the subscription - click here to see the discount for when your subscription date falls.

Who do I contact for further support or queries?

If you have any queries, please get in touch at

Where can I get my movies and TV shows now?

From NEON! Sign up using our special promo code FATSO2NEON to get 3 months of TV shows and movies for only $10 a month! Go to to give it a go (first month is free!)

Can I export my rental queue to keep?

We won't have a specific export feature to use, but you can take a screenshot or copy the titles straight from the browser.

Will NEON have the same titles as Fatso?

Not exactly, NEON will have the same titles that are currently available for streaming, and a whole bunch of newer titles that Fatso didn't have. But not all our discs are available to stream currently.

What happens to my account info and data?

By law, we have to retain company records for a number of years. We will save all account information and transactions on an offline server. NO credit card information has been stored, so is not part of these records. We will not use your email address for any other purpose.

Last month payment schedule

If Payment Falls onDays till cease dispatches% of PaymentDiscount
25 October 30100.00%0.00%
26 October 2996.67%3.33%
27 October 2893.33%6.67%
28 October 2790.00%10.00%
29 October 2686.67%13.33%
30 October 2583.33%16.67%
31 October 2480.00%20.00%
1 November 2376.67%23.33%
2 November 2273.33%26.67%
3 November 2170.00%30.00%
4 November 2066.67%33.33%
5 November 1963.33%36.67%
6 November 1860.00%40.00%
7 November 1756.67%43.33%
8 November 1653.33%46.67%
9 November 1550.00%50.00%
10 November1446.67%53.33%
11 November1343.33%56.67%
12 November1240.00%60.00%
13 November1136.67%63.33%
14 November1033.33%66.67%
15 November930.00%70.00%
16 November826.67%73.33%
17 November723.33%76.67%
18 November620.00%80.00%
19 November516.67%83.33%
20 November413.33%86.67%
21 November310.00%90.00%
22 November26.67%93.33%
23 November13.33%96.67%