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10th & Wolf

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Average of 292 ratings: 3.0 Stars

2006 M Contains violence and offensive language.

The intersection where family, honor and betrayal collide.

February, 1991. Tommy, a Desert Storm marine dismayed that the US isn't taking out Saddam, breaks some rules and faces hard labor. An FBI agent offers him an out: go home to his gritty, dockside home in Pennsylvania and help get the goods on an Italian heroine dealer; in return, no prison time and no arrest of Tommy's brother Vincent and cousin Joey. Loyalty to family conflicts with loyalty to the code of the street. Can Tommy sort it out, protect his brother and cousin, and stay true? Do young men die - in the sands of the Middle East and on the mean streets of the US - for no reason?

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107 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

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3 by Dikant

Is an ok movie have seen better .

I got this movie to see one of my fav actor Val kilmers acting. But he only has a small part.

I guess people who love mafia movies may enjoy this.

3 by Sophia-Colin

Giovanni Ribsi carries this film and it's only worth watching for his performance. There are several small roles for other big name actors in which they just fill space and a terrible cameo from Val... Read more

3 by veer

3 stars story of brotherhood and drugs violence bloodshed gang wars if u like gangsta movies u will enjoy this although it made me sad!!

2 by Raheel

It was a good movie. Had its moments. A little bit Mob a little bit cop. Good twist and good acting. But it could have been just a little better. But still a good movie.

3 by neo

a tuff mafia movie with quiet a bit of violence, acting was great and story line could be vamped up a little more but other than that it is worth a watch.

4 by princess79860

Typical mob plot involving greed, backstabbing & violence but made more interesting by the younger cast and the excellent acting by James Marsden & Giovanni Ribsi. Actors with smaller parts that add... Read more

5 by Bridget22

Excellent crime/mob movie with the old under cover twist! Well worth watching. An oldie but a goodie!

3 by Eden

A good solid gangster/cop movie that most people will enjoy, there is of course the required partial nudity and bad language, as well as plenty of shooting and fight scenes. The story follows one man... Read more

2 by Flingo

Reasonable describes this film pretty well. Another story of Mafia tensions, connections and violence mixed with informants, police corruption, and family loyalty. I know it's based on a true story... Read more