A Courageous Heart

A Courageous Heart

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2009 M Content may disturb.

In the early days of World War II, Polish Catholic social worker Irena Sendler (Anna Paquin, in a Golden Globe-nominated turn) devises a daring plan: Disguised as nurses, she and colleagues gain access to the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw and smuggle some 2,500 Jewish children to safety. John Kent Harrison directs this drama based on Sendler's real-life exploits, for which she received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

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95 minutes

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3.5 by Rainee

I will never understand how so many Jews could be slaughtered and the rest of the world stood by and never helped until near the end.I thought Anna Paquins performance was really good.Very sad and very moving.

4 by suzy

I really enjoyed this movie. A great way to find out some of history. The compassion some people had. The hard decisions that had to be made....to survive. Great characters and story line. Be prepared for a few tears.

4.5 by Caro1234

Wonderful acting by the once little girl who lived down the road from us in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Couldn't hear a Kiwi accent, just a neutral accent. All the actors were excellent. What a brave woman... Read more

4 by kaikiwis

i loved this movie.. mixed reviews i had read but i found it very well acted and great photography.. def worth a watch if u like this genre..

4 by Deetheanimallover

Very moving story. Quite sad. The acting was fine. What a heroic woman to save all those children!

5 by yabi

An aptly named film. The acting was fine, Anna Paquin fabulous. The story line heroic! A well worth it movie.

4 by Bella

I had never heard of this brave lady. So enjoyed the movie, performances were good, story line excellent and I cried!!

3.5 by OrangePeko

I enjoyed this, in that I thought the story interesting, the characters reasonably believable and what these people achieved and their bravery was quite moving. However, it dragged a little at times... Read more

4 by Lizzy53

Really enjoyed this movie. Anna Paquins was great.

4 by Sparks2013

Fantastic movie, amazing lady. Anna Paquin's performance was awesome. Very sad, moving and inspirational movie. If you like a bit of history and real life stories this is well worth a watch.