Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears

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Average of 230 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2005 M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

Disorganized. Disrespected. Dis summer.

Morris Buttermaker (Thornton), an alcoholic pest removal worker and former professional baseball player (for a very short time), is recruited to coach and train a failing baseball team of 12 year olds which is about to be thrown out of the league. Although the team does not win the first place in the next championship, it does achieve a great comeback.

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113 minutes

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4 by sparky13

I thought this movie was funny and humourous with some surprises especially the ending which i thought was going to be predictable. It had some good actors and i would rate it as a good movie for people who like sports and comedy films.

4 by Boris6

The whole family got something out of this movie. It was really funny and just a great movie to blob in front of on a rainy day. There is a bit of swearing but isn't any worse than a lot of movies. We loved Billy Bob.

4 by Rob & Tara

My first reaction to this movie (after judging it by it's cover) was a negative one; but this movie is a really funny "kids" (I only say kids because it's about little league) sports movie. Billy-Bob... Read more

4 by Cissy1

I liken this team to my husbands U15 Boys softball team, however they didn't quite come up to the standard of these boys. Many of the characters I can certainly relate to. Good movie, be interesting... Read more

2 by Maggie34

There is a lot of swearing in this movie and does not carry a very good message to children. Not agood family flick.

3 by kennethlim

Enjoyed the films, laughable and we are always suckers for good endings. This one has the making of one as soon as you tap into the menu.

3 by welshnutter1

if billy bob thornton wasnt in this it would have been crap,had some funny parts but could not recommended this one