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Be Cool

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Average of 2377 ratings: 3.0 Stars

2005 M Contains violence and offensive language.

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Starring an unbelievably hip all-star cast, including John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Andre 3000, Steven Tyler and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and bursting with the hottest music in the biz, Be Cool is the wildly hilarious tale about a gangster turned music mogul... and what it takes to be number one with a bullet. When Chili Palmer (Travolta) decides to try his hand in the music industry, he romances the sultry widow (Thurman) of a recently whacked music exec, poaches a hot young singer (Christina Milian) from a rival label and discovers that the record industry is packin' a whole lot more than a tune!

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114 minutes

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Widescreen 1.85:1
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
English Dolby Digital 2.0

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77 Member Reviews Write a review

1 by HistoryGirl

You know a movie is bad when one of the lead actors has 13 (count 'em!, 13) people running round after him or her. This is a mish mash of a movie where the plot seems to be non-exsistent. Rather it... Read more

3 by DeMilo

It's a enjoyable movie but not a memorable one, touted to be the sequel to " Get Shorty " and as sequels goes, slightly flat .. it has a star studded cast ( keep an eye out for "Dwayne The ROCK Johnson"... Read more

2 by Ian45

Not so much a sequel, but a warmed-over rehashing of Get Shorty. John Travolta goes through the motions of recreating Chili Palmer, but without success. This movie gets very few laughs, and you end... Read more

4 by Jo & Hitendra

What a great little film this was - really well paced, brilliant casting, cracking script, some brilliant little acting turns (especially Vince Vaughn) - we laughed a lot. Highly recommended.

2 by Worpet

Probably the worst movie I have seen John Travolta in.

1 by Ngozi

Great collection of actors and actresses - but a waste of time as far as entertaining goes. Weak plot, weak humour. Very disappointing.

3 by Tablet

This movie definately had some real funny moments but all in all i thought it was kind of average story line.

3 by MummaSez

I love John Travolta. But that is not to say that I watch every movie of his with Rose coloured glasses. However, this is one movie that I enjoyed the first time and I continue to enjoy it each time... Read more

4 by Kohurati

I watched this movie for about half an hour, didn't think I liked it, Several days later I thought I might try it again.... and once into it really enjoyed it.

4 by Clarkey3

Not what I expected but a great story anyway.It would seem to be a reflection on what goes on in the music industry in the US and very believable.Loved the character portrayals.