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Average of 311 ratings: 3.2 Stars

2003 M Contains offensive language.

At last, a sportsman the British can be proud of...

In the sleepy English seaside town of Torquay, the game reserved for geriatrics and pensioners is taken VERY seriosuly. None more so than the reigning champion Ray Speight (James Cromwell - 'Babe'), conservative and stuffy he has been Torquay's home grown hero for over 20 years... but now his title is threatened...

Cliff Starkey (Paul Kaye) a young pretender from the wrong side of town, is daring to go up against him. Armed with his sexy bad-boy persona and a flashy American agent Rick (Vince Vaughn 'Swingers'), Cliff is a fresh and exciting new sex symbol in the game. In fact, he is fast turning Lawn Bowls into the biggest spectator sport in England - possibly the world! To add insult to injury, Cliff's biggest fan is his new girlfriend Kerry (Alice Evans)... Ray's Daughter!

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93 minutes
Icon Home Entertainment

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Widescreen 1.85:1
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3 by Darth Vadertron

Funny film. But it isnt a classic. Great concent though

3 Stars

5 by Richdoll

This movie is so funny, and I highly recommend it, comedy, drama, action and a little more, well worth watching!

5 by Poppa4

I enjoyed this movie not what I expected. But refreshingly good

Fancy so many young people being turned on to this sport as a result of this movie.

4 by puffydawg

What can I say, its one of those movies that pits a complete twat that misbehaves and wont conform against a prim and proper upstanding bowls champion. Its a great laugh as eventually after all of the... Read more

3 by MLewis

this movie was a good laugh, even though a bit predictable. it has some classic english humour. however it was a bit drawn out halfway through the movie.

2 by piklets

Nothing on Crackerjack, but had a few chuckles.....just a few mind you.

The lead was a little bit much for me, but I guess that was the idea of the movie.