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Average of 576 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2001 M Contains Violence & Sex Scenes.

Helene and Paul, a bourgeois couple, witness the assault of a young prostitute, Malika, by a gang of pimps. Paul refuses to get involved but Helene later finds Malika and helps her to hide and regain her health. Together they piece together Malika's past and her devious schemes to escape the life she has fallen into. The two then plan and carry out an amusing series of deceptions to save Malika's younger sister from the same fate and enact poetic justice on both the gang and Helene's apathetic husband Paul.

Coline Serreau's ('La Crise' and 'Romuald et Juliette') tale of female solidarity is both a comic satire on the superficiality of French bourgeois like and an angry condemnation of the exploitation and oppression of immigrant women.

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109 minutes

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English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 2.0
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    19 Member Reviews Write a review

    3.5 by Kate Bush

    A black comedy that blends violence, drugs, crime, sexism, religion and prostitution. It is an unsual mix of genres but it works.

    5 by pussycat

    Another brilliant French drama. with excellent acting by all. The twists and turns in the plot kept you glued to your seat and what a comeuppance at the end. Women of the world unite!

    5 by TikipungaKid

    Really enjoyed this movie. The French are able to mix comedy with some harrowing realism. Great characters, and well acted.

    4 by lcmojo

    A side of the prostitution trade that is not always told. I found it believable and real with a little comedy thrown in. Not for everybody, but if you think this might be for then you will likely enjoy yourself.

    2.5 by Nay

    A bit confusing yet still will have you watching till the end.

    5 by Katty

    Extremely good. Film as a piece of craft work and this black comedy-style beautifully captures the skill of the French in that regard. Recommended.

    0.5 by graygray

    One of the WORST pieces of cinmatic garbage ever shot!! (everyone who had anything to do with this movie should be) Abysmal, wooden, boring acting, appalling script. Hey, don't take my word-waste your... Read more

    4 by OrangePeko

    Very funny, very irritating and occasionally tedious. Excellent acting, but did think the telling of the 'prostitute's' story could have been edited, it went on for so long the film nearly lost me,... Read more

    4 by movieholic

    I enjoyed this movie - a good amount of twists and unexpected turns.

    3.5 by petcos

    Entertaining although some of the acting was overdone. Nice plot, with quite a few twists and turns. Would recommend to someone not wanting an award winning film but good fun.