Event Horizon

Event Horizon

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Average of 528 ratings: 3.4 Stars

1997 M Contains Violence.

The year is 2047. Years earlier, the pioneering research vessel Event Horizon vanished without a trace. Now a signal from it has been detected, and the United States Aerospace Command responds. Hurtling towards the signal's source area fearless captain (Laurence Fishburne), his elite crew and the lost ship's designer (Sam Neill). Their mission: find and salvage the state-of-the-art spacecraft. What they find is state-of-the-art interstellar terror. What they must salvage are their own lives, because someone or something is ready to ensnare them in a new dimension of unimaginable fear. Co-starring Kathleen Quinlan.

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96 minutes
Nat. Film & Sound

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Widescreen 2.35:1
English, English for the hearing impaired, English Commentary, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Sovenian, Swedish, Turkish
English Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS; English Commentary, Czech, Hungarian 2.0 Surround
  • Commentary by director Paul Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • 9 Member Reviews Write a review

    5 by Carp

    Absolutely flawless. Rigid suspense, mind-bending horror, great depth of character. Excellent performances by Fishburne as the fearless and commanding Captain Miller; and Neill as the enigmatic Dr.... Read more

    4 by Riverspastor

    I had never seen this movie and so glad I have now. I enjoyed everything about it! The story was original and compelling to watch. Not sure why it is rated R18. Yes it was a bit graphic in parts but... Read more

    2 by Tommy T

    Great graphics, great acting, but predictable scripting and ultimately tedious

    3 by neuman5022

    good actors, shallow story - got the feeling you already know the whole story after a short time

    5 by ripleyconnor

    A very good sci-fi/horror film! There are not many films in this genre (Alien). If you want a brilliant sci-fi/horror film, this is for you!! Great acting, good CGI and great story line. Hell that they... Read more

    3 by sarahb

    If you like sci fi, then this is for you. Wonderful acting a pleasure to watch. Special effects are great in this movie.

    2 by steeleworks

    Had the start of being an averagely good Sci Fi movie but unfortunately the tendencies towards horror and hell completely ruined it. Good start Terrible finish. I do not recommend this movie.

    4 by eimaj

    Good movie, good imagery, good plot. It even features NZ actor Sam Neil! I would recommend this movie if you're after a good sci-fi thriller/horror.

    1 by rbaal

    Sort of Alien with out the good bits. Plot has so many holes I lost count. Special effects are ok characters are 2D. Very predictable story line.