Extras - Series 1

Extras - Series 1

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Average of 1155 ratings: 3.9 Stars

2005 M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Meet Darren Lamb, agent. Don't let the glasses fool you; he really is quite useless at his job. (season 1)

Andy Millman is an actor but his agent cannot get him an acting job. Instead he is just an extra in films, a different film a different location, ever hopeful that one day he will actually get some lines. Guest stars include: Ben Stiller, Kate Winslett, Samuel L. Jackson, Ross Kemp, Les Dennis and Patrick Stewart.

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150 minutes

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5 by Di

Loved it! Sat down to watch one episode and ended up watching the whole lot...very addictive.

5 by Wachil

Hilarious - laugh out loud and fantastic! Really needed a good laugh and this more than provided it. It is such unassuming, quiet comedy, no silly pratfalls or toilet humour - just good old-fashioned... Read more

4 by macdonder

Ricky Gervais at his cringeworthy best as the loser who tries to be cool and politically correct, but digs himself in deeper every time he opens his mouth.

5 by JJ56

I have to say this was a cringably wonderful series. It is rare for me to be so embarrassed watching a film / pro gramme, but this did it for me (in a good way!). It is well cast and acted, with the... Read more

5 by roycey

Original and hilarious. Ricky Gervais provides us with more embarrassing and cringe-worthy moments in the role of an "extra" hoping to break into "real" acting by gaining a line where evere he possibly... Read more

4.5 by lcmojo

A real gem of a find! Recommended by a friend and I wasn't disappointed. I was surprised that I never heard of this one. Great cameos!!

1 by Ngozi

Sorry - was not my kind of humour so did not enjoy it at all. Too much of a loser movie.

5 by MacDish

The very acme of watchable British comedy. A worthy successor to The Office.

4 by tni

A great cast of special guests, and "The Office" and " Ricky Gervais" fans wont be disappointed.

3 by laloniu

The guest stars are enjoyable while the lead actors tend to become somewhat repetitive in their dialogue.