Gosford Park

Gosford Park

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Average of 809 ratings: 3.5 Stars

2001 M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Tea At Four. Dinner At Eight. Murder At Midnight.

It is November, 1932.Gosford Park is the magnificent country estate to which Sir William McCardle and his wife, Lady Sylvia, gather relations and friends for a weekend shooting party. They have invited an eclectic group. As the guests assemble in the gilded drawing rooms above, their personal maids and valets swell the ranks of the house servants in the teeming kitchens and corridors below-stairs. But all is not as it seems: neither amongst the bejeweled guests lunching and dining at their enormous leisure, nor in the attic bedrooms and stark work stations where the servants labour for the comfort of their employers. Part comedy of manners and part mystery, the film is finally a moving portrait of events that bridge generations, class, sex, tragic personal history - and culminate in a murder. Or is it two murders...?

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132 minutes
Capitol Films

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5 by Ian45

Every line matters, every shot has purpose and meaning in a superbly crafted whodunit by director Robert Altman. The stark contrast between the idle people of status enjoying a weekend in the country... Read more

5 by adohr

Viewed this film many times and liked it more and more. Great acting. Such lovely music in the background by Ivor Novello.

1.5 by RedB

Great cast but not much of a movie unfortunately. Slow moving but totally destroyed by the stupid character meant to be a police inspector. Little humour, less suspense a VERY disappointing movie in the end.

2.5 by KiwiLasss

I quite liked this movie, bit slow moving at times, but if your a fan of Downton Abbey, you'd see the similarities in this movie. Worth a watch, glad I didnt waste money seeing at the movies thou!

1.5 by Chickadee

Don't rent this movie! I fell asleep during it (always a bad sign) and then had hardly any enthusiasm for going back to find out 'who done it'. There wasn't just one red herring in this movie; you felt... Read more

1 by TheBennetts

Didnt see the point of this movie at all, bad ending, bad start and nothing really ever happened

2 by Bazza21

Great setting and acting but we found it a little boring and nearly gave up on it. The plot took so long to develop and when it eventuated, it did so rather late in the piece. As a rule we quite like... Read more

4 by Charnan

Gosford Park - an excellent movie we very much liked - kept us guessing all the way through.

2 by Mike

Murder mystery weekend - very Agatha Christie-. On the good side its beautifully filmed and acted and set in a charming English country mansion -

On the bad side you get the feeling you... Read more

4 by Flingo

A really good period whodunnit piece with brilliant acting and an engaging storyline. The differences between the servants and guests, and then the house servants and kitchen staff are played out nicely... Read more