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Average of 369 ratings: 3.3 Stars

2002 M Contains violence and sex scenes.

What Would You Risk For Love?

The star power of Cate Blanchett (The Shipping News, The Lord Of The Rings) and Giovanni Ribisi (Gone in 60 Seconds, Boiler Room) propels this luminous and intensely haunting motion picture from the acclaimed director of Run Lola Run and Winter Sleepers. Philippa (Blanchett), a British teacher living in Turin, Italy, has watched helplessly as her husband and friends have fallen victim to drug overdoses. To compound her desperation, the police - who are complicit in the actions of Turin's biggest drug dealer - have completely ignored Philippa's repeated offers of information. So, with the unexpected help of a sympathetic police officer (Ribisi), Philippa feels she has nothing to lose by taking divine justice into her own hands. A probing exploration of the modern world and its moral choices - you'll be mesmerised by Philippa's transformation from grieving widow to wanted fugitive on a journey through retribution and redemption, innocence and crime.

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93 minutes

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1.78:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English Titling, English, English for the Hearing Impaired
English Dolby Digital 5.1

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4 by Sophia-Colin

More symbolic than 'real'. Vibrant colours, picturesque landscapes, clipped and clear dialogue - even the dirt looks clean and well ordered.

5 by Lix

One of the most beautiful and unique films I have seen. Brilliant performances, Ribisi in particular was absolutely captivating. Seductive in suspense and infinitely inspiring in conclusion. I wish... Read more

1 by FS1971

It should have worked - Blanchett and Ribisi are truly stella actors; but it just didn't. Too many meaningful pauses and not enough plot. Basically, if it had been a 20 minute short film, then it... Read more

3 by BooCee

An enjoyable movie to watch but at times I felt that it was disjointed within the scenes. If you can overcome this then you will enjoy.

3.5 by Kate Bush

I enjoyed this film, even though it was highly implausible and the story unlikely and a bit weak. The cinematography was very good, especially the aerial shots and sharp images. Cate's acting was excellent.

5 by Eileen59

Wow, another excellent movie by Cate Blanchett, she never fails to deliver.


Even Cate Blanchett couldnt lift this movie into some interesting. Same old cop stuff, just in a different language

3 by vince

A beautiful and strange story that unravels slowly. Not especially memorable but watchable nonotheless.

5 by acharyas

What a beautiful movie! If for no other reason than to gaze at the breathtaking scenery of Tuscany and ancient stone buildings in Turin, Italy, this is a film that has something beautiful in it for... Read more

2 by Shelleys

Normally love Cate Blanchett but I don't think this movie was one of her best. Giovanni Ribisi was annoying and the film got bland.