Homeland Security

Homeland Security

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Average of 125 ratings: 3.0 Stars

2004 M Contains medium level violence.

The days that changed our world

This powerful drama chronicles the development of the Homeland Security Dept. Prior to the events of September 11, 2001, the FBI, CIA, military and law enforcement agencies had a wealth of clues, warnings, hints and hunches. What was needed was a clear strategy for "connecting the dots" and the resources to put that strategy into play. In this riveting portrait of intrigue and espionage, personal and professional lives intertwine as a courageous group of men and women risk their reputations and their lives for Homeland Security.

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85 minutes

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1 by Psy

A sloppy sentimental Hollywood rave that didn't address any of the real issues, and portrays George Bush as a hero: yeah, right!

2 by Eddie

A very loose translation of the preparation that went on by both terrorists and the "Great" US of A alike, before and following 9/11. An indication of the stupidity of some of the people in high places... Read more

0.5 by Jean-Marc1

Undoubtedly one of the very worst movies I never watched!!! I could not even watch it past the tenth minutes!!!

2 by wlf1224

Positive propaganda for intelligence and security agencies, and the Big Brother movement the US has started and spread. At least they showed unjustified behaviour by members of these agencies.

0.5 by daz19

The worst movie I have ever seen. B grade TV movie, should not be on the DVD Unlimited list.

3 by pooky

A story surrounding the events before and after Sep 11. Well made movie. Pretty realistic, and a bit of twist in one part.

4 by brucee

How much really went on behind the scenes of 9/11, this movie will have you asking questions