Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

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Average of 851 ratings: 3.5 Stars

1997 M Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes.

This Christmas, Santa's Got A Brand New Bag

Pam Grier is Jackie Brown: the sultry, scheming and dangerous flight attendant busy smuggling cash into America for local gunrunner Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson: Pulp Fiction). Busy that is, until an ATF agent (Michael Keaton: Desperate Measures) busts her at the airport. With a sympathetic bail bondsman on her side, Jackie Brown is planning to elude the cops, the criminals and her ruthless boss by escaping to a better life with a half million dollars in cash. But will she make it? And who's playing who? Discover why everybody wants a piece of Jackie Brown.

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5 by Chris2

Classic Tarantino. Excellent charcterisation. A master of fly on the wall productions.

5 by Bergh

Tarantino at his best. An under appreciated movie by those who expected a more violent film. More enjoyable for it's dialogue and wonderful characters than its blood-shed.

4 by Gudrun

The Best part is Samuel Jackson's character, he is funny. A fairly good watch. But not amazing.

5 by ColinH

what can I say a great film, I think just a little better than Pulp Fiction if you miss it out on it because of its age you need your head look at!

4 by graygray

Pretty good, although nowhere hear up with Tarantino's best (see Pulp fiction and Inglorious basterds). De Niro is wasted here, But SLJ, Pam Grier (who??), Michael Keaton and Robert Forster are great. Well worth a watch.

5 by Griffon

I'm not really a buyer of DVDs but this is one I can watch over and over. Watch out for the first time Bridget Fonda has to answer the phone - very clever actress. Also, Samuel L Jackson's great line... Read more