Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

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Average of 832 ratings: 3.5 Stars

1997 M Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes.

This Christmas, Santa's Got A Brand New Bag

Pam Grier is Jackie Brown: the sultry, scheming and dangerous flight attendant busy smuggling cash into America for local gunrunner Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson: Pulp Fiction). Busy that is, until an ATF agent (Michael Keaton: Desperate Measures) busts her at the airport. With a sympathetic bail bondsman on her side, Jackie Brown is planning to elude the cops, the criminals and her ruthless boss by escaping to a better life with a half million dollars in cash. But will she make it? And who's playing who? Discover why everybody wants a piece of Jackie Brown.

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5 by Chris2

Classic Tarantino. Excellent charcterisation. A master of fly on the wall productions.

5 by Bergh

Tarantino at his best. An under appreciated movie by those who expected a more violent film. More enjoyable for it's dialogue and wonderful characters than its blood-shed.

4 by Gudrun

The Best part is Samuel Jackson's character, he is funny. A fairly good watch. But not amazing.

5 by Griffon

I'm not really a buyer of DVDs but this is one I can watch over and over. Watch out for the first time Bridget Fonda has to answer the phone - very clever actress. Also, Samuel L Jackson's great line... Read more