Life On Mars - Series 1

Life On Mars - Series 1

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Average of 473 ratings: 4.0 Stars

2006 M Contains violence,sexual references and offensive language.

An ambitious young detective from 2006 is transported back to the '70s in Life on Mars, an action-packed, exciting and witty new drama from the makers of Spooks and Hustle, that has become one of the most talked-about TV events of the year.

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472 minutes

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English Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Life On Mars - Series 1 (2006) (Disc 1)

  • Life On Mars - Series 1 (2006) (Disc 2)

  • Life On Mars - Series 1 (2006) (Disc 3)

  • Life On Mars - Series 1 (2006) (Disc 4)


11 Member Reviews Write a review

5 by casio99

One of the best TV Series I watched!

I love it when you stumble across a tv series that grips you like this one does. Very hard to stop watching! The 70's era is done so well, love the cars and... Read more

4 by Readit

Very enjoyable, good music and lots of social interest, shows how things have changed and sometimes how little change has happened. We all stayed to watch to the end, hopefully it continues in the same good quality.

5 by Faerie

This is a fantastic series - clever, thought provoking, funny with a movie standard script and acting especially from the main characters. The plot premise is intriguing and the setting/fashions etc... Read more

3 by Leesee

I liked aspects of this series. It really captured the 1970s really well, and it presented some interesting social issues from the 70s that we can compare to the way things are done now. I just found... Read more

3 by jc62

Good start so far. Series has captured the 70's feel of the UK and the sound track is very good.

4 by girlf

Enjoyable concept.

Like to have a couple of shows we can watch on nights when we don't want to watch a "whole movie". Learned from getting other tv series, that it doesn't pay to watch all at... Read more

2 by BlackHeart

Not what I thought at all... I was looking for the American version - the one that is currently airing on television.

5 by Chris236

Very interesting and different to what I expected. Worthwhile to watch as it keeps you spellbound. Clever!

5 by tricia56

I never watched this on TV, I heard the premise for the story and thought it sounded naff. I was wrong! It is the acting and the directing that make this a memorable series. Kinda Dr Who meets the... Read more

5 by missdove

This is the beginning of a really fascinating series - my favourite features are the performance of John Simm as Sam Tyler, the character of Gene Hunt, and the very convincing and cohesive production... Read more