Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs Henderson Presents

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Average of 1983 ratings: 3.5 Stars

2005 M Contains offensive language and nudity.

Nudity - Variety - High Society

Recently widowed well-to-do Laura Henderson is at a bit of a loose end in inter-war London. On a whim she buys the derelict Windmill theatre in the West End and persuades impresario Vivian Van Damm to run it, despite the fact the two don't seem to get on at all. Although their idea of a non-stop revue is at first a success, other theatres copy it and disaster looms. Laura suggests they put nudes in the show, but Van Damm points out that the Lord Chamberlain, who licenses live shows in Britain, is likely to have something to say about this. Luckily Mrs Henderson is friends with him.

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103 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English for the deaf and hard of hearing
English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby 2.0

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66 Member Reviews Write a review

1 by Sophia-Colin

Good grief what a shallow film full of unexamined ideas. Even the nudity can't make this rubbish interesting.

3 by Murrayr

Judi Dench is absolutely brilliant, well supported by the leading man and the lovelies.

5 by gk_nzoom

A very good movie. Judy Dench always brings something amazing to her films. She did an excellent job a portraying a rich, eccentric widow who breathes new life into the West End theatre scene during... Read more

5 by zelda

Judi Dench is superb in this extremly good film of the Windmill Theatre which kept open during the second world war wonderful cast and being based on a true story the background is so realistic with clothes cars of the period

2 by addy

You'd think that with stars like this and a great story like this that you'd get a terrific, feel good movie. But it's a twee, phony dud. It's just too precious and prissy to be remotely believable... Read more

4 by Shortly

Judi Dench - brilliant as always. A light hearted approach to a serious situation

3.5 by fantail

Lovely movie. Light entertainment with good actors.

4 by DebsM

A great story, beautifully acted by Judy Dench and a well-mixed cast. A poignant tear-jerker that finds the right balance - presenting a nude revue during the war could just be flippant - but it is... Read more

5 by Fizzlepuff

Great movie. Humour, compassion, spirit. Something uplifting and gentle about english movies. We liked it, granny liked it and even the teenagers liked it.

3 by trevorkscott

Quite a good movie set before and during the 2nd world war in London, very good acting, a good story easy to follow.

I enjoyed it a lot.