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Peeping Tom

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1960 M Contains violence.

"Do you know what the most FRIGHTENING thing in the world is ...?"

"Do you know what the most FRIGHTENING thing in the world is ...?" From Michael Powell, the brilliant and acclaimed director of A Matter of Life And Death and Black Narcissus, comes a controversial masterpiece now recognised as one of the supreme achievements of British horror cinema. By day, clean cut Mark Lewis is a focus-puller at a film studio, supplementing his wages by taking girlie pictures above a seedy newsagent. By night he is a sadistic killer, stalking his victims, camera in hand, in an obsessive quest for the look of pure, unadulterated fear. On its release in 1960, Peeping Tom proved to be far more than British critics could handle; their fearsome reaction ruined Powell's career. Its stylish, cunning and brutally frank treatment of Mark Lewis' insanity brought forth comments such as, "The sickest and filthiest film I can remember seeing" (The Spectator), "Frankly Beastly" (Financial Times), and "Thoroughly nasty" (Daily Mail).

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101 minutes
Anglo Amalgamated

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2.5 by kritik

As with Hitchcock's better-known "Psycho" (released the same year), this tale of a homicidal voyeur shocked audiences back in 1960 but has lost a lot of its impact over the years. Worth a look if you want to see what the fuss was all about.

3 by CheeseFunnel

A better than average thriller/horror, good tense atmosphere with moody photography. Slightly undone by paper thin characterizations and an unfocused narrative. You know where it's all going pretty... Read more

3 by Fatso_Joe

A story of voyeurism, exploitation and obsession, very well-crafted as almost the final piece in director Michael Powell's career. Similar in conception to the works of Daphne du Maurier.

4 by Wittertainee

Contrary to the previous 2 reviewers I got so much out of that film when I first watched it: It works as a straightforward psycho thriller (with the interesting complication that we are rooting for... Read more

1 by Lisah79

Really annoying. Not scary at all, extremely irritating. Turned it off after 20mins of watching it.