Save The Last Dance 2

Save The Last Dance 2

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Average of 451 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2006 M Contains sex scenes.

The best move... is following your heart.

The sequel to the hot movie Save the Last Dance continues in New York as Sarah (Izabella Miko) is one step closer to realising her dreams at Julliard. Her commitment is put to the test as she finds herself torn between her talent for classical dance and her undeniable passion for the urban hip-hop scene - and a smart and sexy musician named Miles (Colombus Short). Pulsing to some of today's hottest hip-hop music and featuring R&B sensation Ne-Yo, it's the long anticipated sequel about heart, hip-hop and finding your place in the world.

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90 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 5.1; English Dolby 2.0

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3 by jessiegirl2

i like music and dance movies... loved it,,, again not as good as the 1st one

4 by Steve161

I hadn't seen the first Save the Last Dance, so was initially a little concerned that I wouldn't pick up from where the first had left off - but this sequel is one which can be viewed in its own right... Read more

1 by Tangee2

I thought this was lame, the dancing was putz, and i think it brought shame to the first one!

4 by Bonsaichick

This was a funky upbeat movie that was enjoyable. I thought the dancing was fantastic and fitted with todays styles really well. I would recommend to anybody with a love of dancing and music, some seriously talented dancers in this.

2 by Kel

Not as good as the first film. I was sad that the student doctor did not reappear. The dancing was fine but the story was less interesting.

5 by Jodie15

If you are into all types of dance then this movie is for you. It leaves you wanting more but you buy into the characters and the storyline. It makes you laugh, cry, and just want to dance. The music... Read more

4 by enaidw

Love the dances ....that's what makes me want to watch dis movie.entertaining to watch and its romantic at the same time

3 by Cameron10

Enjoyed this movie. Some amazing talent. All about realising your dreams and going for it. Easy to watch, great music to hear.

1 by Manton

What a disappointment. If you loved the first Save the Last Dance, don't expect this to be anything like it. Sarah is a totally different character, the story line is pretty poor and the acting is... Read more

1 by moariboy

i didnt think this movie was that great it was boring i dosnt have any of the actors that were on save the last dance 1 it wasnt as exciting and thrilling as the first 1 ill give it one star