Shout at the Devil

Shout at the Devil

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Average of 109 ratings: 3.1 Stars

1976 M Contains medium level violence.

A spectacular adventure you will always remember and a beautiful love story you will never forget.

An American (Lee Marvin), with the help of an upper-class Englishman (Roger Moore) who's looking for adventure, hopes to get rich via smuggling and land speculation in Africa during the First World War.

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115 minutes
Umbrella Entertainment

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 2.0

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2 by smithy12

The DVD is an abridged version of the film. Unfortunately the DVD edits about 30 minutes off the original film and for some reason the Germans now speak German in the DVD. Dad took me to see the original... Read more

2 by Chicken

In a way I was disappointed with this movie. I had read the book, which I felt was better than the movie. But, in saying that for the era in which it was filmed it was quite well acted - certainly... Read more

2 by Celeste5

The movie's timeline was unclear. One moment they were kissing, the next she was having a baby. And I thought only a few days had passed. The German spoken had no subtitles so you had to guess at what... Read more

4 by Ken26

Although had read the book a number of years again, really renjoyed the movie. The times in which it was set were very hard, and it gives an insite to the colonization of the Africa continent.

0.5 by Stevo22

OK for a bit of a laugh. Lee Marvin and Roger Moore almost hamming it up in a couple of scenes. Light hearted. Don't expect gut wrenching drama or a deep plot.

4 by Gundog

Well cast and well directed, this Wilbur Smith adventure is action from start to finish. Spectacular scenery as well. Good injections of humour.

1 by Tass1

I just couldn't get into this movie there were no subtitles - and it starts off in German! I didn't seem to be able to catch what they were saying sometimes so stopped watching after a while.