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Average of 188 ratings: 2.4 Stars

2004 M Contains violence and offensive language.

Before Bundy, before Manson and before Dahmer, Charles Starkweather accompanied by his 14 year-old girlfriend Caril, terrorised America with a brutal killing spree that horrified the entire country.

Their serial killing spree resulted in 11 horrific murders, as they unleashed their wrath throughout the states of Nebraska and Wyoming.

Charles Starkweather's life inspired such film classics like: BADLANDS, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, TRUE ROMANCE and KALIFORNIA. Starring Lance Henriksen (from TV's Millennium, Alien Vs Predator), Starkweather is the true story of America's most notorious teenage killer.

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90 minutes
MRA Entertainment

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16x9 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 2.0

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3 by Gundog

A chilling story based on fact, but the direction and acting seems very contrived in parts. A good movie for a wet afternoon.

0.5 by Poppa4

I really coudn't get in to this Movie, I kept thinking it would get better.

But it didn't. An insane story, coudn't recommend it to anyone.

2 by tash_win

This movie was based on true accounts of a serial killer from the early 50's. This to me was more of a black comedy than a thriller. I laughed at least 60% of the movie. I¿m not really sure what they... Read more

2 by mahen1

iIt was good but the movie had something missing. Things were just moving without much power. I don¿t know but that¿s how I felt about it.

2 by janeane2

This movie was ok. It did get a little bit boring in places, but overall was ok.

3 by disleXicmoggy

A serial killer schizo and his girlfriend (Blonde duh) go for a ride. A bit unbelievable how it goes but then it hadn't happened like that before. Can't promise you any poignant messages - but with... Read more