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Average of 690 ratings: 3.4 Stars

2006 M Contains coarse language.

Defy and Conquer.

Hayley Graham likes to defy and conquer two things: the law and the laws of gravity. But when she fails on both accounts and faces court, she can't defy her punishment: being sent to Vickerman Gymnastics Academy, an elite facility run with military regimentation. Here Hayley will re-visit her former life: the one where she almost made it as a World Champion. That is until she walked out on the day of the competition, making her entire team lose. So when Hayley turns up at the Academy, thew girls aren't pleased to see her. Ok! understatement of the year: In the world of Gymnastics, hating Hayley was practically a sport. You see, when you lose Team USA some team gold, it's not personal, it's national! As you can guess, Hayley is going to have to pull off some verbal gymnastics if she is to regain the trust from her team and lead them to victory. It's going to be a tough road, complete with dirty tricks, nasty ploys and revolting-looking leotards. Hey but what do you expect - it's not called Gymnicetics! stick' itstik,it 1::Slang term used for when a gymnast executes a landing with correct technique and no movement of feet 2::A contemptuous exclamation that is used when something is not wanted, not going one's way, etc.

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98 minutes

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3.5 by witchygirl

good movie but would say more a chick flick. daughter and i really enjoyed but the hubby was a bit bored

4 by Darth Vadertron

Liked this film, some good acting and a good story. Good gymnastics sequences. Its a very good film. Good looking girls and a happyish ending.

4 Stars

5 by wendy

Liked this one, good acting and story, the gymnastics were great, and great the way they came together in the end.

4 by captainrapp

cool storyline. very real. but a bit predictable. rebellious and fun. a definite once watcher though.

5 by Jill29

An amazingly inspiring story. I absolutely loved it!

3 by Muaupoko

This is your typical teenage film about rebellion and attitude but has an underlining message that all these types of movies have. If you like gymnastics then you will probably like this film. It was OK but just your typical feel good movie.

4 by ping5

Nice film, goes along the lines of a lot of the dancing movies out there, but not a bad cast and most watchable...

3 by alana14

I liked this movie reminded me alot of bring it on the cheerleading/gym movie.

Yes I would watch it again.

Haley, a highly gifted young athlete, stunned the gymnastics community by mysteriously... Read more

3 by NZferret

Slightly different to the usual formulaic bad-girl-tuns-good-and-wins-as-a-result teenage flick, this movie includes some spectacular gymnastics moves and behind-the-scenes strength building exercises... Read more

2 by Gen6

This movie is only suitable for young girls under 16. I was disappointed to see Jeff Bridges doing this sort of movie. He normally does better than this. Bad acting, bad editing, just bad.