The Fast Show - Series 1

The Fast Show - Series 1

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Average of 162 ratings: 3.7 Stars

1994 M Contains low level offensive language.

The entire first series available for the first time ever.

All your favourite characters are here, including: Ted and Ralph, Channel Nine News, Unlucky Alf, coughing Bob Fleming, the "Suit You, Sir" tailors from hell, Ron Manager, Tommy Cockles, The Fat Sweaty Coppers, Professor Denzil Dexter and his crap experiments, The Patagonians and (arse) that bloke in the stupid hat who thinks everything's brilliant.

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180 minutes

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English For The Hearing Impaired
Dolby Digital

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5 by MillyMax

BRILLIANT! It took me an episode or two to really get into but by the end of this season i was wanting more! Just watch them please!! :P

3 by MacDish

Loved this series when it first appeared. Some of it in hindsight is not as funny as it seemed at first, and also the pace is quite slow compared to more recent comedy. So it's not really a 'fast' show. Paul Whitehouse though is unimpeachable.