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The Messenger

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Average of 164 ratings: 3.1 Stars

2009 M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Deliver the message. Don’t get involved.

An injured U.S. soldier, Sgt. Will Montgomery (Ben Foster), is paired up with by-the-book Capt. Tony Stone (Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson) to notify families of killed soldiers -- a job that bonds them as they debate different views on serving America. At odds at first, the two find common ground while facing life's variety of battles.

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112 minutes

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4 by Watchem

Draws you in to all the lives affected by war. Unwittingly or otherwise. An un-American, American movie. Refreshing to see truthful themes delivered with fully realized acting.

4 by kcr

A serious drama ..... Woody Harrelson at his best ...... totally believable. The supporting actor (sorry I do not have his name) is not overawed by Harrelson and must get a mention. The relationship... Read more

4.5 by OrangePeko

Terrific film about a rarely examined part of the military response to the death of soldiers. Great acting and shows excellent restraint.

3.5 by DanielDane

A very different look at the effects of war on families and servicemen.

3.5 by Phil1986

Great film about a young army guy teaming up with Woody Harrelson's character and going to peoples houses and telling them there loved ones have died in battle. Very good acting from Ben Foster and... Read more

3.5 by Gottaluvem

This movie was like a documentary played out by actors very heart felt movie along with extras that show you true life of the bad side of war. It makes you understand the difficulty that some jobs bring.

4 by Ganny01

An interesting and emotional look in to the people who carry out military death notifications. Brilliant acting from Foster and Harrelson. Some people may have a problem with the slow pace, though.