The Simpsons - Dark Secrets

The Simpsons - Dark Secrets

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Average of 217 ratings: 3.8 Stars

1989 M Parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.


X-FILES AGENTS MULDER and Scully investigate Homer's encounter with an "alleged" extraterrestrial.

Homer To The Max:

When a bumbling TV character debuts with the name Homer Simpson, our Homer decides to change his name to Max Power. His life improves until he hooks up with some wealthy enviromentalists.

Lisa the Iconoclast:

Lisa discovers that her town's beloved founding father, Jebediah Springfield, was in fact a vicious pirate. Homer wins the coveted role of town crier in an upcoming Bicentennial parade.

Homer Badman:

Homer is wrongly accused of sexual harassment, when he tries to enthusiastically remove a sweet stuck to the rear-end of a feminist as she gets out of his car and she mistakes the move as a sexual advance.

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