The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key

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Average of 1903 ratings: 3.3 Stars

2005 M Contains horror scenes.

It can open any door.

Caroline (Kate Hudson) is a twenty-five-year-old hospice worker who cares for the ailing and the elderly, a job designed to atone for her own mistake for ignoring her dying father in the past, when she had been a rock 'n' roll manager. After her latest charge passes away, Caroline takes a job in Louisiana, caring for Ben (John Hurt), a stroke-victim who is bed-ridden and cannot speak. But Caroline becomes suspicious of the house, and Ben's cold wife, Violet (Gena Rowlands) only adds to the creepy atmosphere. After acquiring a skeleton key, Caroline makes her way into a secret room within the attic where she discovers hair, blood, bones, spells, and other instruments for practicing voodoo. Violet says she has never been in the secret room, but that the items probably belonged to the original owners' two houseworkers, who practiced black magic and were lynched as a result. Noting that Ben had his stroke in the attic after entering the room, Caroline is determined to unlock the secrets of the house, and rescue Ben from the horrors that hold him captive within.

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104 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English for the Hearing Impaired, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, English Audio Commentary, Hungarian Audio Commentary, Dutch Audio Commentary, Danish Audio Commentary, Finnish Audio Commentary, Hebrew Audio Commentary, Icelandic Audio Commentary, Norwegian Audio Commentary, Swedish Audio Commentary
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4 by Antonia1

Wow, the ending was NOT what I was expecting! Well done really, and it made you think about the movie long after it finished. The ending tied together all the subtle things that had been said/done during... Read more

2 by Kel

Not as good as I had hoped. My wife and I agreed to use the fast forward to get to the end of this slowly unwinding tale.


Edge of your seat thriller. Best part is it is orginal and just when we thought we had pieced the whole thing together ready for the typical dumb ending, the movie took a whole new turn...simply brilliant!

5 by tania53

Kate is really good, great story, twist is totally unexpected (the way it should be)

and leaves you feeling quite sad. Great movie, I enjoyed it!

2 by Tubbs

The sound effects and the compulsory lightning add to the suspense but the scary atmosphere is nothing special for us hardened horror fans. The highlight for me is in the excellent set designs. Not... Read more

4 by chloeellen

Kept us on the edge of our seats, was a good movie, strange ending...

3 by winstonsmith

The premise and setting of this movie are very intriguing, and John Hurt's performance is typically fantastic - his character is bedridden and unable to speak, but he manages to act superbly with just... Read more

4 by elise11

I thought The Skeleton Key was very good, edge of your seat sort of stuff & kept you guessing right throughout the movie. Best part was the spectacular twist at the end. Brilliant preformance by Kate... Read more

3 by chesmar

This was a bit spooky, I knew there was something dodgy about the lawyer but the ending took me by surprise, a quiet thriller was the best way I could explain thisa movie, I enjoyed it, different.

3 by ragamuffin

Enjoyed the viewing.nothing further to add just that it was good viewing.