Thunder Birds

Thunder Birds

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Average of 7 ratings: 2.8 Stars

1942 M Suitable for general audiences.

A glorious Technicolor tribute to bomber and fighter-pilot training, conceived by legendary Fox studio chief Darryl F. Zanuck, Thunder Birds is a spectacular, high-flying combat classic from specialist aviation filmmaker and Oscar winner William A. Wellman. When Peter Stackhouse (John Sutton) wants to overcome his fear of flying and take to the air to fight for his country he is in need of some expert assistance. Developing a rapport, he becomes fast friends with Steve Britt (Preston Foster), a patient and understanding flight instructor who sees the potential in Peter and works to give him every chance. But when both men fall for the same girl, Kay Saunders (Gene Tierney), their friendship and camaraderie is put to the greatest test as they fight side-by-side for their country, their beliefs and most of all their hearts.

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75 minutes

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