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Jack's Back 1988

  • Format: DVD

A century has passed since Jack the Ripper committed his monstrous crimes on the streets of London and a series of gruesome murders are uncovered that bear a striking resemblance to the Ripper's crimes, exactly 100 years to the day after each took place.

Jack's Back

Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius 2004

  • Format: DVD

Hot off the success of The Passion Of The Christ. Jim Caviezel heads the all-star cast of this five-star film celebrating the life of Robert 'Bobby' Jones. Jones, perhaps the most naturally gifted golfer in the history of the game, battled disabling illness and a volcanic temper, to reach the pinnacle

Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius

Gladiator 1992

  • Format: DVD

A story of two teenagers trapped in the world of illegal underground boxing. One is fighting to save his fathers life and using the money pay off gambling debts accumulated by his father. The second is fighting for the money to get out of the ghettos. While being exploited by a boxing promoter the two te


Striking Distance 1993

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

DIE HARD action hero BRUCE WILLIS stars in this striking thriller about a Pittsburg Cop, who isn't afraid to rock the boat in his search for a serial killer. From the producer of such hits as UNDER SIEGE, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and with a sizzling supporting cast that includes SARAH JESSICA PARKER, DENNIS FAR

Striking Distance

Road House 1989

  • Format: DVD

From the producer of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon comes a sexy, action-packed adventure that pushes the envelope for high octane thrills. Patrick Swayze stars as one of the screen's most unforgettable heroes, charged with magnetic charm and lightning fast martial-arts moves. Dalton (Swayze) is a legendary

Road House